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They fully let go of any judgments, but lose self-discernment and may get involved in dangerous situations. May become emotionally avoidant or in denial. May feel they are different then others, special somehow. Self-indulgence, hypersensitivity, insecurity, and anxiety begin to emerge.

Low: Full lack of sense of self, they avoid reality. Weak and need constant validation. From feelings of despair and hopelessness may become abusive to themselves. Fully absorbed in escapism: Addiction to something is very likely. Delusions may occur. Self-hatred is strong; may blame everyone else and become immature and offensive.

Gemini Moon creates a very wispy emotional nature. Emotions can be highly reactive and shoot so fast within the native they may be hard to pin down. This causes uncertainty towards emotions, as they can happen so fast without acute processing. Nervous energy often results in anxious feelings. Communication is extremely important, so talking or writing may help to sort and soothe emotions. Mental Connection especially with humor is important. Can be childlike and playful.

Virgo Moon tends to analyze their emotions through logic and are prone to locking their feelings away. This often results in being critical to themselves, as they typically expect a lot of themselves. May appear cold towards their emotions but below the surface have a sensitive, thin skinned heart. Their emotions can sometimes be like quicksand, the more they try to lock away what they feel the more it consumes them.

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Desires for improvement of themselves and the world around them. May look towards meditation, energy healing, coloring or other mind excercises to soothe their anxious nature. Sagittarius Moon desires freedom in their emotional expression. They will not stand to be caged and are always looking to expand themselves on their emotional currents. Tend to be Philisophocil and youthful.

Full Moon in Pisces Themes

Sagittarius wanders emotionally, never completely being tied down. Uses humor to mask pain or discomfort. Uses passion in everything they do, and may discover themselves through their perpetual learning of the world around them. Can be rebels, or leaders. Very few sag moons are followers, as exploration is expansion of their inner most self, and must be done in their own way. Pisces Moon are deeply immersed in their emotional world. Ultra sensitive, feelings are almost like having their head under water.

Emotions are consuming and sometimes may be borderline suffocating. Yet, they also tend to be extremely artistic and imaginative due to this sensitivity. They experience the world with a type of receptiveness that is both passive but understanding, picking up on undercurrents that may be overlooked by other people and are usually compassionate as a result. They typically have high levels of empathy. May also have some escapist tendencies because of the overwhelmingness of their emotions. Pisces is ruled by enchanted Neptune, which is known as a mysterious, otherworldly planet.

Pisceans live in their imagination, which feels safer than reality, as it consists of magic, mystery, and miracles. Pisces are highly intuitive, sensitive, sensual, and sentimental creatures. They adore magic, enchantment, and mystery, and though they have old souls, they have somewhat futuristic mindsets. Pisces appreciate anything with spiritual meaning.

Pisces Compatibility

Crystals, mindful books, tarot cards, or alternative healing all resonate strongly with a Pisces. They are fascinated with learning and are often learning new hobbies or skills to compliment their empathetic personality, which may lead them to esoteric and ancient practices, including teaching yoga, meditations,or Tai Chi. Pisces Moons have a light, enchanting, and ancient souls, which are believed to have reincarnated many times over.

They exist in a dual existence with one foot in the ethereal and the other in the earthly world. They can be quite gullible, and have wide-open hearts that forgive and forget almost instantly, as they are immensely compassionate and look at situations from an outside perspective. Pisceans are amazing listeners who have the ability to instinctively tap into how others are feeling, and this gives them profound insight into why certain things are said or done.

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Their intuitive sense is their greatest superpower and is what keeps them safe in this confusing, bewildering world - therefore, if they start to doubt their intuitive abilities, they can put themselves in potential danger in their relationships, workplaces, or day-to-day life. Your sense of humour is silly. You understand what you need and what you want. Hard aspects between Saturn and an Aries Moon tone down the impetuousness of Aries.

They can be beneficial to an Aries Moon because they slow the individual down long enough for him to gain some insight and control over his emotions. These aspects are mainly disadvantageous but, unless they represent an entrenched pattern of inflexibility, were probably chosen for a reason. Hard aspects between Saturn and a Gemini Moon are usually helpful because they discipline its fluidity and adaptability and limit its curiosity.

These aspects may have been chosen either to balance over-adaptability or to provide a challenge which, when overcome, will result in growth.

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Hard aspects between Saturn and a Cancer Moon add to its moodiness, pessimism, and depression. Therefore, these aspects can be quite difficult. However, they may be used to develop strength, aid the life task, or balance a karmic debt or negative pattern from the past. Hard aspects between Saturn and a Leo Moon may blunt its confidence.

The Leo Moon might overcompensate for this insecurity by acting all the more arrogant. Although these individuals feel unsure about expressing themselves, they also feel compelled to, which results in an uncomfortable internal conflict. These aspects may have been chosen to balance a domineering attitude or to temper the exuberance of this Moon sign so that the individual fits more comfortably into non-leadership roles.

These individuals are challenged to love and accept themselves regardless of imperfections or feelings of alienation. These aspects may have been chosen to accelerate growth. They may cause the individual to turn within and find comfort in virtuous qualities already present or to develop them as a way of increasing his self-esteem or gaining the acceptance desired from others. Hard aspects between Saturn and a Libra Moon may cause frustration or delays in relationships.

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These individuals may find their insecurities interfering with their ability to assert themselves toward getting their emotional needs met. These aspects may have been chosen to balance dependency by forcing the individual to be more independent. If that were the case, their purpose would be to build a stronger sense of self. After this is accomplished, a successful partnership is more likely.

Hard aspects between Saturn and a Scorpio Moon add pessimism and a need for control and power. As a result, these individuals have difficulty enjoying life, relaxing, and letting down their defenses. They assume everything is of dire consequence to their position in life. And since position is so important to them, they may manipulate and connive to control situations. On the positive side, these individuals may have keen intellects and reasoning powers, excellent insight into human nature, and an ability to do research or detective work.

Hard aspects between Saturn and a Sagittarius Moon temper the boisterous and sometimes overly exuberant energy of the Sagittarius Moon so that it can operate more practically and realistically.

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Saturn aspects to this Moon bring discipline, realism, caution, patience, and endurance, all qualities that may be lacking in many Sagittarius Moons. Hard aspects between Saturn and a Capricorn Moon reinforce its pessimism and seriousness. Like hard aspects between Saturn and a Virgo Moon, they may have been chosen to accelerate growth.

Hard aspects between Saturn and an Aquarius Moon , like these same aspects to a Scorpio Moon, make for an incisive and probing mind. The creativity and inspiration of the Aquarius Moon is disciplined and given some structure by these aspects. They are usually chosen to aid the work or the life task. They add to the already cool and aloof emotional style of the Aquarius Moon, making his energies more available for humanitarian causes or work rather than relationships.

Hard aspects between Saturn and a Pisces Moon are more beneficial than not. They give the diffuse and intangible energy of Pisces some structure, realism, and discipline. Saturn offers the qualities that Pisces most lacks: realism, persistence, discipline, patience, and practicality. These aspects are often chosen to balance negative Piscean tendencies from past lives, while maintaining Piscean gifts. Watch out for emotional breakdowns, irrational judgements and constant states of delusion for today. They deal more with spiritual deaths and rebirths.