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The best flowers to plant for your astrological sign

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The best flowers to plant for your astrological sign

Prem Kumar Sharma! Alan Leo. Dell Horoscope, pp. Extract reproduced on Solstice Point astrologers memorial site. Archived from the original on 17 July Retrieved 10 July Kessinger Publishing reprint, Holden, A History of Horoscopic Astrology , p.

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American Federation of Astr, London: Modern Astrology Office. Retrieved 16 July Tempo Categories : births deaths English astrologers 19th-century astrologers 20th-century astrologers Astrological data collectors English male writers English Theosophists. To attract love, plant violets, which are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and some patchouli for good measure, which brings money.

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You will have the perfect combination of zodiac flowers. Gemini are the smarty pants who are looking for intellectual connections with others — so Allen suggests planting rosemary, that help bring mental clarity. Fragrant plants like lavender and lily of the valley will make the perfect garden of birth flowers. If you're a cancer, you're all about making the people around you feel secure and nurtured, so, naturally, Allen recommends you plant, jasmine, which gives calming vibes , as your zodiac flowers. Urbanites, potted plants have the same relaxing effect. Leos bring a positive energy and vitality everywhere you go, so Allen suggests you plant sunflowers in you zodiac garden. Camomile and St.

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John's Wart attract positive energy and good vibes, too making them great birth flowers. If you could describe Virgos in one word, it would be workaholic. You're constantly thinking about your career — so plant some valerian, a sleep aid and perfect zodiac flower , so you get some shut-eye. Verbena and echinacea's healing qualities also help you relax when you're not on the clock.

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Libras are hopeless romantics — and don't daisies conjure up images of asking yourself, "He loves me, he loves me not? Little known fact: Scorpios are the most passionate sign in the zodiac, which means your birth blooms should be just as vivacious as you are.

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  4. Consider planting uva ursi — they look like little wombs, so they're practically full of life, right? Sagittarius are jet-setters who are happiest when they're on the road.